Human Resources



Ken’s ability to enthuse and motivate leadership teams to lead from the heart was inspirational to watch. He is compelling in his passion to improve performance levels and move barriers to deliver business success. Ken’s commitment undoubtedly made a significant positive impact into a number of key projects.

Andrea Amy, former HR Director, EMEA Office, Starbucks Coffee Company

Staff up

“The only way a company can grow, stay true to its soul, and remain consistently successful is to attract, hire, and keep great people. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard… read more.
Danny Meyer

The structure you had worked before for yesterday’s customers, but no longer makes sense. Seizing emerging opportunities means re-deploying staff, and fast. But how?


  • How do you get the right people in the right spots?
  • How will you prepare them?
  • What skills will they need to be successful?
  • Who will lead this transition?

Position your enterprise for future opportunities and re-deploy staff. We can help you remain nimble so you can:

  • Re-imagine your org structure
  • Restructure work groups
  • Facilitate transitions
  • Build the infrastructure you need
  • Develop a staff up to the challenge
  • Sustain your quality while you grow

  • Design your organizational structure
  • Outline a workforce plan
  • Manage change
  • Coach leaders