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Ken supported the growth of the TechnoServe Coffee Initiative by providing a Training and Management skills needs assesment, leadership facilitiation including group and 1 on 1 coaching...read more
Christopher Jordan - Former Regional Deputy Director, TechnoServe East Africa Coffee Initiative


Increase Production, Reach More Customers

The brand is built. Your product is gaining traction. Your customers love you, but they can’t get enough of you. Sales continue to grow and now you need to scale production. Artisan food producers struggle to get noticed, and then struggle with the demands of success once they gain traction. A leading cause of failure is growing too fast or in the wrong way.
You know your product, how to make it and what makes it good. Let us help you get your product to customers, maintain quality and manage your growth.


  • How will you grow your business now that it is gaining traction?
  • How do you maintain the quality you worked so hard to develop
  • Do you know the most efficient way to reach your target customers?
  • What are they willing to pay?

wineLet us help you outline a plan to scale your business and reach your target market. I work with food crafters and artisans to identify, develop and implement the people plan to achieve their vision. Connecting artisan food producers and entrepreneurs with their customers to seamlessly bridge marketplace challenges. I do this by working with foodie entrepreneurs to unlock their supply chain bottlenecks and leverage their people resources.

  • Are you ready to take the next step, to operate at the next level?
  • What does it take to grow at a pace your team can handle and meet customer expectations?
  • Do you know how your business operates today?
  • Scale your operations
  • Equipment/technology implementation
  • Process documentation
  • Quality programs
  • Product launch