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Ken supported the growth of the TechnoServe Coffee Initiative by providing a Training and Management skills needs assesment, leadership facilitiation including group and 1 on 1 coaching...read more
Christopher Jordan - Former Regional Deputy Director, TechnoServe East Africa Coffee Initiative



packaging-machineA business strategy is only as good as your plan and people you have to execute it. Rely on our Hands-on experience leading high visibility, cross-functional initiatives opening new facilities, restructuring work teams and implementing new technology.

  • Planning: Whether launching a start-up, restructuring work groups or implementing new technology, you need a plan. We can help you outline your goals, schedule, budget, resources, risks and priorities.
  • Talent Strategy: The right people means everything when it comes to execution. You need a holistic view to get the right people with the right skills in the right job. A talent strategy gives you a blueprint identifying the people, skills and deployment you need to achieve your vision. Rely on our experience with competency models, workforce planning, succession planning, or talent reviews to identify and develop the capabilities your enterprise needs to compete.
  • Learning Strategy: It takes continuous learning to stay on top of today’s marketplace. Keep your workforce ready with a learning strategy that stays one step ahead of the changing marketplace. With deep expertise in trainer development, instructional design and learning technology, we can help you build a sustainable learning strategy to continuously build your teams’ capabilities to execute on your strategic plan.



  • Change/Transition: Change is the only constant in today’s workplace. You need a framework to help you plan and manage this change. We bring a rich background to support you in leading change and help your teams navigate. Let us help you set direction, assess readiness, and manage progress through these transitions.
  • Team Building: High-performance teams are built not picked. Facilitation can bring out mutual respect, collaboration, alignment, and conflict resolution. Through the use of assessments, activities and shared goals, we can set your team on a path towards high performance.
  • Leadership Development: Leaders set the pace to execute your strategy. Whether on the front line or in the C-suite, you need the right leaders with the right capabilities to take your organization forward. As a trusted advisor, we can help your leaders embody your mission, build your culture, and shape an aligned vision of your future. Check out our program for new leaders to help them assimilate to their new role quickly and hit the ground running.


Pulling a shotResults are about performance. The best plans rely on flawless execution. We can help you monitor performance, track results and use feedback for improvement.

  • Feedback: You know you’re good, and you’re smart enough to realize there is always room for improvement. Or maybe you’ve stumbled and just need to get on back on track. But how? We all need feedback. Enterprises, restaurants and service providers can utilize approaches for secret shopper, focus groups, or online applications. Objective, confidential, action-oriented, let us work with you on making the most of what people want you to know.
  • Coaching: All our answers come from within. Smart, capable people possess all that they need to take the next step. Sometimes what we just want a sounding board to help us consider all the possibilities. A coach can be that person.Whether collecting confidential feedback or targeting a change in leadership style, our results-oriented approach will help you change. Let us be that neutral, third party to imagine different scenarios for your future.
  • Surveys: A confidential survey can raise concerns without alienating stakeholders. Engage customers, staff or a select group of opinion leaders. Online tools make it fast and easy to gather, analyze and respond. Let us help you craft the right questions, interpret relevance and leverage the input to make a difference.
  • Process optimization: Leverage process efficiency to stay nimble and drive innovation. Build quality and supply chain systems to scale your business and meet customer requirements. Capabilities for problem solving, continuous improvement, and quality management keep you ahead of your competition. Let us work with your teams to design in efficiency to your business processes.