Human Resources



Ken has the unique ability to observe and discover the hidden “between the lines” operational and people issues that exist in organizational change events. Ken is effective at informally leading business leaders to understand the implications, discipline and processes required to successfully transform organizations. Ken’s business savvy and project management experience make him a valued business partner.

Cam Sorenson, Former HR Director at Carson Valley Roasting Plant, Starbucks Coffee Company

Performance Profiling

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Job descriptions today seem outdated as soon as they get approved. They never quite seem to capture the work the way it needs to be done. What if there was a way to describe the performance needed? Job profiling does just that by analyzing tasks with measurable performance expectations.

packaging-machineFigure out what good performance looks like by analyzing how the work gets done, who does it and how. We can then use that foundation to optimize performance. By engaging staff in the process, they find solutions and standards for performance. We can help you:

  • Define the work
  • Measure performance
  • Re-imagine your org structure
  • Restructure work groups
  • Identify critical control points
  • Job analysis
  • Business process optimization
  • Negotiate roles and responsibilities
  • Determine performance metrics
  • Design your organizational structure