Human Resources



Ken supported the growth of the TechnoServe Coffee Initiative by providing a Training and Management skills needs assesment, leadership facilitiation including group and 1 on 1 coaching...read more
Christopher Jordan - Former Regional Deputy Director, TechnoServe East Africa Coffee Initiative


Gear up your business launch…

Your vision is clear. You worked the numbers backwards, forwards and every other way you can imagine. Months of planning comes down to this.

Launching your business is exciting. It can also be scary.


  • How do you communicate your vision?
  • Does your business model makes sense?
  • How do you know  when you are ready to take the next step?
latte art2Build your business around a business model that makes sense and achieves your vision. We can help you:

  • Launch your business idea
  • Open new facilities
  • Prepare your team for what’s ahead
  • Stay nimble as launch unfolds
  • Coach new leaders
  • Write job descriptions and hiring profiles
  • Outline a workforce plan
  • Develop a learning strategy