Human Resources



Ken has the unique ability to observe and discover the hidden “between the lines” operational and people issues that exist in organizational change events. Ken is effective at informally leading business leaders to understand the implications, discipline and processes required to successfully transform organizations. Ken’s business savvy and project management experience make him a valued business partner.

Cam Sorenson, Former HR Director at Carson Valley Roasting Plant, Starbucks Coffee Company

Change Management

Managing your business in a time of change

Managing change is a constant challenge in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Whether it’s a change in direction or a change in work structure, managing the transition can be a job in itself.


  • How do you get people on-board with the change?
  • Is your staff ready? How do you get them ready?
  • What resistance should you anticipate? How will you respond?
  • What new skills or mindsets will staff need? What about you? How will you lead this change?

diagramAnticipate and prepare for change. We can help you build your team’s resilience to navigate the future by:

  • Communicating the need
  • Creating a vision for the change
  • Engage the team in the process
  • Preparing for change
  • Managing resistance
  • Facilitate transitions
  • Communication plan
  • Project management
  • Change facilitation
  • Readiness checklists
  • Leadership coaching